Sustainability and tourism

Tourism is an activity that has contributed substantially to the development of many places that previously were only small rural, coastal or desolate villages, but which at the same time had a tourist potential.

For this reason, tourism is an agent that contributes to development because of its economic connotation. It generates jobs for the local population directly and indirectly by the movement of tourists to these places with attractions framed in an environment of rest, recreation and knowledge. The tourist activity is always developed in places of natural beauty, so it is of utmost importance to protect and preserve them to continue enjoying them in some way, this task will be achieved through tourism management under a sustainable scheme, ie on the one hand see tourism as a model of economic development and secondly from a conservation point of view. Therefore, the better it is preserved, the more time will be used from an economic point of view, and somehow all the actors involved in tourism will benefit from this activity.

The existence of different sectors and agents involved in sustainable tourism development necessarily leads to considering the interests of each of them separately. This, together with the growing segmentation of tourism, leads us to formulate strategies in accordance with the interests of each of the tourist destinations, being a fundamental key in the process of applying sustainability, the continuous monitoring of the plan or program of tourist development, since this evaluation allows us to know the situation through which the destination and its market segment is passing, given that tourism is a sensitive and changing activity, exposed to certain social phenomena that impact on it, such as artistic events, international war problems, diseases such as epidemics and other factors. Therefore, it is extremely important to work under cooperation schemes between the public and private sectors to apply the sustainability of the destinations, ensuring long-term benefits.

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